Abba star BJORN ULVAEUS gave the go-ahead for a new museum in the band's honour following years of stalled plans so his grandchildren can learn about his time as a pop star.

A permanent exhibition within the Swedish pop Hall Of Fame in Stockholm will open next May (12) after the project was initially scrapped in 2008.

Ulvaeus has been heavily involved in organising the contents of the museum, admitting he wanted to ensure the exhibition is a source of pride for his family, especially his young grandkids.

He tells Reuters, "The reason I am in this at all is that I am in Stockholm. This is where I will go past with my grandchildren and they will ask me what is in there, grandad. And I want to be proud of what is in there.

"We weren't entirely sure if there was going to be one, whether we wanted one, becoming artefacts and relics while we are still alive. It is such a long time ago that Abba was active... the guy I see when I look at all the videos, on stage, it is almost that he is a stranger.

"It is almost that I didn't know him anymore. I thought it would be interesting to get to know him a little better."