Abba star Anni-Frid Lyngstad has given fans hope of a musical reunion by revealing the bandmembers have discussed working together on new material.

Devotees have long hoped the Swedish pop group would get back together for one final tour following their split in 1982, but the singers have always denied they plan to head back out on the road.

Speaking during a party in London this week (beg07Apr14) to celebrate 40 years since the group's career-launching triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest, Lyngstad insisted "no amount of money would change our minds" about a tour.

However, she did reveal the stars have considered hitting the studio together again.

She tells the London Evening Standard, "We all met because we wanted to talk about what we should do for our 40th (anniversary). It was a lovely meeting. It was like time had stood still and we were back to where we were. We had the same bond, we bonded instantly. But no amount of money would change our minds (about a tour). Maybe we sometimes say it would be good to do a song together again, just a recording and nothing else, but I don't know if that will happen - so don't say that we will!"