Aaron Sorkin's ''conscience is clear'' over the 'Steve Jobs' script.

The 54-year-old screenwriter wrote the new Danny Boyle-directed movie, which has attracted criticism for its factual inaccuracies, but Aaron is comfortable with his portrayal of the Apple co-founder.

He said: ''Steve Jobs did not, as far as I know, have confrontations with the same six people 40 minutes before every product launch.

''That is plainly a writer's conceit. But I do think that the movie gets at some larger truths, some more important truths than what really went on during the 40 minutes before product launches, which I don't think was the stuff of drama.''

Aaron suggested the movie gives its audience a strong idea of what the American pioneer was like, adding that it's a ''fair'' portrayal.

He said: ''What you see is a dramatisation of several personal conflicts that he had in his life, and they illustrate something, they give you a picture of something. Are they fair? I do believe they're fair. My conscience is clear.''

Jobs' wife Laurene Powell has opposed the project from its inception, but Aaron has defended the movie from criticism.

He said: ''While Mrs Jobs, Laurene Powell, did from the get-go object to the movie being made, [his daughter] Lisa Jobs did not, and she's the one portrayed in the movie.''