Aaron Paul was shocked when David Beckham asked him for a selfie to send to his wife Victoria.

The 34-year-old actor - who shot to fame playing meth manufacturer Jesse Pinkman in US drama series 'Breaking Bad' - was starstruck when he asked for a picture with the former soccer star to send to his wife Lauren Parsekian and he couldn't believe it when the ex-England international asked the actor to return the favour.

He explained: ''I'm like, 'Yes you can. Tell her I said Hi! Send her my love!' I love my wife to death, but David Beckham is an attractive man.''

Aaron - who married Lauren in May last year - has met several stars since landing a life-changing role in 'Breaking Bad' and has even arranged for the likes of Jake Bugg and Australian sibling act Angus and Julia Stone to come and play acoustic mini-gigs for him at his home simply by tweeting them.

He said: ''We've had Angus and Julia Stone - it was beautiful, candles in front of the fire. We had Jake Bugg, too.''

While Aaron admits the rise in social networking has resulted in celebrities losing a bit of privacy in their lives, he tries his best to embrace it.

He added to The Guardian newspaper: ''Five years ago you used to be able to do what you want without every single person seeing it, social media is amazing. It's an interesting world we live in, and I love it.''