Teen pop hunk Aaron Carter's estranged mother JANE CARTER has fired back at the singer's claims that her financial mismanagement led to him sacking her, insisting she quit.

The singer appeared on US chat show The Big Idea last month (FEB05) to confirm reports he fired his mum as his manager after she allegedly stole money from him, and on Tuesday night (29MAR05) Jane Carter joined host DONNIE DEUTSCH on the programme to hit back.

She insisted that her teenage son is lying about firing her at the request of her ex-husband, Aaron's father, who is now managing his son's career.

She says, "You can't fire somebody when they quit. I was never fired. There were never any allegations proven against me because there was nothing to prove.

"I had to quit because of the marital situation; I was caught in the midst of a situation in my marriage, where it wasn't working out between my husband and myself.

"He (Aaron) wanted to stay with his dad and he did what his dad wanted him to do, which was attack me in a very public forum in order to negotiate the best possible settlement for himself in the divorce."

Jane Carter reveals the family feud heated up when she challenged her husband over her son's marijuana use.

She adds, "The fact is I recognised in the midst of my divorce that Aaron was experimenting with marijuana... My ex-husband, I believe, was a part of it."

Carter, who also went public about her son's drug habit in a recent US tabloid interview, admits she's keen to patch up her differences with her son, but first he must apologise: "Aaron, you need to start telling the truth. I do miss you but I'm still very upset with you right now."

In a statement, Aaron's management refute his mothers claims: "Aaron Carter is bewildered and saddened by the allegations made by his mother and emphatically denies having, or ever having, a drug problem."

31/03/2005 02:28