Aaron Carter's unfinished memoir will still be published.

The 'I Want Candy' singer was found dead in the bath at his California home on 5 November and after sitting for "hours" of interviews, in which he discussed topics including his drug use, difficult family relationships and interactions with the late Michael Jackson, author Andy Symonds felt he "owed it" to the star to put his autobiography out into the world.

Andy said: “Aaron was a kind, gentle, talented soul not without his demons. He was so excited about telling his story, and I feel I owe it to him to release the parts we did complete.

“Aaron was an open book during the writing process. It’s a tragic irony that his autobiography will never include all his stories, thoughts, hopes, and dreams as he intended.”

'Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life' will be published by Ballast Books on 15 November

In one haunting extract, Aaron recalled how the pressures of fame left him exhausted early in his career and he once fell asleep in the bath.

He said: “I remember locking myself in the bathroom of one of our hotel rooms and falling asleep in the bathtub because I needed more sleep. My mom broke down the door, afraid I was drowning in there."

The 'Crazy Little Party Girl' singer also credited music for saving his life amid his mental health struggles.

One excerpt read: “Making beats saved my life. I was always suicidal, especially through those years. I never attempted suicide but never had anyone to talk to about it. But I knew I loved life too much to actually do it. Hopefully I won’t do it. Having lost my own family, I want to have my own. That’s the best feeling."

This isn't the only posthumous project on the way for the troubled star.

According to TMZ, Aaron was working on a sitcom called 'Group' - which also featured the likes of Samm Levine, Anne Judson-Yager and Mike Starr - when he died.

Filming had been completed on a pilot episode, which follows a collection of characters in group therapy together, and it will be shopped around to networks in Aaron's memory once post-production is complete.