Aaron Carter is engaged.

The 32-year-old singer and his partner Melanie Martin recently suffered a tragic miscarriage but the pair are looking to the future after Aaron proposed.

Aaron shared a picture of Melanie's diamond ring on Instagram and wrote: ''Love wins.#iloveyou3000 #engaged #fiance #ourlovestory.''

Aaron also revealed he is eager to talk about the engagement, tweeting: ''For any exclusives please feel free to contact me directly on my engagement with Melanie via EMAIL. I AM my publicist. xoxo #ILoveYou3000 (sic).''

Aaron and Melanie revealed in April that she was pregnant but he recently announced that she had lost the baby ''due to stress conditions''.

Aaron explained in a live video: ''She suffered a miscarriage due to stress conditions. We're gonna give it some time, let her heal and then we're going to try again. We both want that. I gotta take care of her.''

Meanwhile, back in March, Melanie was arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident and was later released on $50,000 bail.

Aaron claimed his partner scratched him during the altercation and police later confirmed he did have marks on his body when they arrived at the house.

After Melanie was arrested, the 'Crush on You' hitmaker took to social media to speak in more detail about the altercation, in which he suggested she lashed out after he ended their romance.

He wrote in a series of tweets: ''#ScornedWomen I hope she gets the help she deserves. I tried to give her a new life.

''wishing her nothing but the best. but I won't stand for #DomesticAssault #Felony charges NOT ME I HAVE no CRIMiNAL record thanks

''so sad, ;( I hope she gets the help she needs. no one deserves domestic abuse female OR MALE #DomesticAbuse #Cheater she literally chocked me out.... i'm devastated (sic)''