Review of The Sun Came Out Album by 7 Worlds Collide

Review of 7 Worlds Collide's album The Sun Came Out released through Sony.

7 Worlds Collide The Sun Came Out Album

7 Worlds Collide is the brainchild of Crowded House front man, Neil Finn. It is essentially a collection of musicians coming together for charity, or rather a super group masquerading under another name. It's not the first time this merry band has got together. In 2001, Finn called upon the same bunch to perform in aid of Medicines Sans Frontiers. This time round, it's a more serious project; a full length album.

Recorded in just three weeks, The Sun Came out is a collection of original songs co-written by members of the band. Finn rounded up Johnny Marr, members of Wilco and Radiohead, Lisa Germano, KT Tunstall and what seems like the majority of his family to make the record in aid of Oxfam.

The album does feel a bit like it was a case of 'everybody have a go at everything', but there are times when this experimentation really work. Radiohead drummer Phil Selway sings on The Ties That Bind us and it's a refreshing change from some of the more old school indie-rock vocalists who can sound a bit MOR. KT Tunstall too makes an impression vocally, with her beautiful down-tempo duet Black Silk Ribbon.

Musically, the album is a treat. This is where the diversity seems to work well, each artist bringing their own contribution, yet making it interesting rather than disjointed. But the overall impression is still lacking.

The problem with The Sun Came Out is that despite the brilliance of the artists that come together to record it, it fails to make an impression. It is perfectly pleasant to listen to, but nothing more and occasionally it borders on self-indulgent as these projects often can. With the majority of the artist having a hand in writing and some quite unusual vocalists, maybe it's a case of too many cooks spoil the broth? But I suppose if you want to do your bit for charity, then by all means go out and buy it!


Robyn Burrows

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