Review of Dance Parties EP by 65daysofstatic

Dance Parties EP
EP Review
(Monotreme Records)

65daysofstatic Dance Parties EP

Its difficult to understand the long term appeal of Sheffield's 65daysofstatic, particularly as what seemed like an interesting and varied concept from the outset, has gradually turned into three albums worth of what is fast becoming the same old same old.

Whilst combining the typical elements of post-rock (loud-meets-quiet, fast-becomes-slow guitar orientated noise) with electronic beats and such was a masterstroke, particularly on their initial 'The Fall Of Math' opus, one suspects the band have reached something of a creative lull at the moment.

Last year's 'The Destruction Of Small Ideas' was a major disappointment and accusations of the band turning into the U2 of their genre were not far wrong; "one song, you've only got one song." and such.

Nevertheless, their work hasn't gone unnoticed and the fact Robert Smith has taken more than a passing interest culminating in a four month residency on their world tour suggests they're gonna be around for some time to come.

One can only hope that they seek out a few new sources of inspiration as 'Dance Parties', while being typical 65dos, doesn't really offer anything different either. Not that we're suggesting that the band develop some kind of emojazzmath fusion of course, but a little variation wouldn't go amiss every once in a while.

Dom Gourlay

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