50 Cent has recorded a track with Cee-Lo Green, which the Gnarls Barkley star describes as being a totally unplanned collaboration. Speaking in an interview with NME Magazine, 35-year-old Green told how the track had only been in existence for a short period of time before 50 CENT offered to add some vocals.
The song, entitled 'F--- You' or 'Forget You' for the radio edit, is the first single from the singer's forthcoming album 'The Lady Killer', and the UK's Guardian newspaper suggests that despite the track's title, it will "be sung by everyone from teenagers on the bus and parents in the supermarket to your grandparents at a wedding". Speaking about the collaboration, Green said, "50 Cent took a very liberal approach in making use of the song. I was all up for it, actually. He did it in record time, the song had only been out a couple of days before there was a version with him on it, which was pretty awesome".
It was recently reported that the American group Band Of Horses covered the CEE-LO GREEN track 'Georgia', which is also set to feature on 'The Lady Killer'. They performed the song with the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching during a recent gig, repaying the favour after Green covered their song 'No One's Gonna Love You'.