50 Cent has pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic violence. Allegedly the rapper, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson, attacked the mother of his child in June.

50 Cent
50 Cent at the New York premiere of 2 Guns.

According to reports 50 Cent was charged with domestic violence after he allegedly kicked Daphne Joy. A further four charges of vandalism were brought against the 38-year-old Hip-Hop star as he is believed to have damaged Joy's property. Reports suggest the rapper damaged chandeliers, furniture, a television, a lamp and Joy's clothes. The incident occurred on 23rd June at Joy's condo in Toluca Lake.

An L.A. judge has decreed that 50 Cent should not contact Joy, the mother of his second child, and he must remain 100 yards away from her at all times. He has also been told to turn in all his guns. 

He's obviously a safe, upstanding citizen.

Daphne Joy is a model and was, according to reports, in a relationship with 50 Cent for 3 years prior to the incident. Although the rapper has not confirmed this, it is believed her child was fathered by 50 Cent.

When the news of 50 Cent's alleged assault broke, in early July, his representative released a statement in which he denied the charges and promised his own investigation into the incident. The statement, obtained by TMZ, made by the rapper's lawyers reads: "Curtis Jackson denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest."

Further papers relating to the court case were handed to 50 Cent as he left the court, according to TMZ. 50 Cent is due to return to court next month for a pre-trial hearing. The hearing date is set for September 4th. According to reports in the L.A. Times, if the rapper is convicted on all five charges, he may face up to 5 years in prison and $46 000 in fines. 

Daphne Joy
Daphne Joy at Claudia Jordan's 36th Birthday Celebrations, held at Boulevard 3, Hollywood.

50 Cent
50 Cent at the New York premiere of After Earth, held at the Ziegfield Theatre, New York.