50 Cent may not be a comedian, but he sure made a LOT of people laugh earlier this week when the rapper threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game for the New York Mets. You’d think a guy his size would have enough arm strength to whip that ball perfectly down to home plate. Well, distance wasn’t the problem. Somehow, someway, 50 decided to release the ball way before he should have. As a result, it kind of flew from his hand a good 20 feet to the left of home plate, easily making it one of the most shameful celebrity first pitches in recent memory. “I’m a hustler, not a damn ball player,” the rapper light heartedly defended himself on Instagram. 50 Cent’s new album is scheduled to come out next month -- titled Animal Ambition -- but the only animal ambition he showed with his throw was that of a baby walrus.

50 Cent Premiere50 Cent's first pitch was really, really bad

Okay, okay, maybe we should give 50 a break and stop being so mean. After all, he’s not the only celebrity that has miserably botched their first pitch. Plenty of other stars deserve ridicule, too! In all honesty though, the subject at hand needs to be met with a certain level of seriousness and understanding … like seriously understanding how NO celebrity has ever apparently taken baseball lessons before. For what it’s worth, I guess there has been some decent first pitches in the past. Like last week, for instance: Randy Johnson threw out a pretty great pitch before an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Johnson is also a future Hall of Fame pitcher though. He might not count for this. Whatever. Talking about the worst ones is way more fun anyway, and there’s actually a couple that have put 50 Cent’s to shame.

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Let’s look at Carly Rae Jepsen. When one of the first auto-completion results on YouTube for Carly is “Carly Rae Jepsen first pitch,” it’s never a good sign. However, Jepsen’s pitch was so bad that it was actually a little adorable. You can tell she totally practiced and thought she was going to nail it, but somewhere along the way, the ball had different plans. It was almost like it knew that she was going to fail, so the ball wanted to bail out as quickly as possible. Upon her release, the ball went straight into the ground, but Jepsen’s mousiness made it way less pathetic than it appeared.

Carly Rae Jepsen MusicalCarly Rae Jepsen's first pitch was also really, really bad

Now, with pop stars, you can’t expect too much. What about actors, or even athletes from other sports? Surely if you’re a professional athlete, you’re at least halfway decent at any sport...right? Wrong. If you’re NBA player Nick Young, he proved with his first pitch that making three pointers for the Lakers does not transcend into throwing strikes for the Dodgers. The pitch was so bad that it’s no wonder Kobe Bryant missed most of this season. I wouldn’t want to share the court with Young either. But then there’s actor Bill Murrary. Please save us, Murray. Give us a first pitch equivalent to Lost In Translation! No. Impossible. Instead, Murray’s pitch was like Charlie’s Angels. Luckily for us, we don’t have to relive it every day like Groundhog Day. However, these celebs have to relive their misfortunate pitches more often than probably desired, and for that, we are eternally grateful for all of their hilarious epic failures.