He might be in the process of filing for bankruptcy in the wake of the massive fine he’s received for posting a sex tape online, but that doesn’t seem to have prevented 50 Cent from going ahead with a few other costly projects, revealing a new house in Africa.

The rapper posted a short video on Instagram on Saturday (September 5th) showing a rather palatial new property at an undisclosed location on the continent, writing in the caption: “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. I'm gonna have the craziest House warming party ever.”

50 Cent50 Cent has posted a short video of a new mansion he's having built in Africa

In July, Fiddy – real name Curtis Jackson III - filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a massive $5 million imposed by a New York court after he posted a sex tape featuring his rival rapper Rick Ross’ girlfriend in an attempt to humiliate him. This was found to have violated the woman’s privacy, and the fine was then upped to $7 million a few weeks later.

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Just a few months before that, Forbes had estimated Jackson’s net worth to be $155 million, with business interests including clothes, drinks and mining investments. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business a grace period of protection from creditors in order to re-organise finances. Jackson had argued in the initial bankruptcy hearing that his monthly outgoings, including the maintenance of his mansion in Connecticut, totalled $108,000.

The short video would seem to indicate that his financial situation is not so severe as to slow down work on the African property, whose construction would obviously have been started several months before the current court case.

It shows a number of workmen sweeping up outside in a patio area that contains a swimming pool – currently a rather icky green colour – that looks almost completed. In the comments, Jackson also added: “I'll explain later. I got a good life Man.”

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