5 Seconds of Summer no longer care about being labelled a boy band.

The Australian group, comprised of Luke Hemmings, 19, Michael Clifford, 19, Calum Hood, 19, and Ashton Irwin, 21, insist people can call them ''whatever they want,'' despite admitting their new song, 'She's Kinda Hot' is a ''f**k you'' to their critics.

Discussing the track, they said: ''It's like a f**k you to people who say you can't be what you are. And to represent that, I don't think we should carry on asking people not to call us a boy band. We learned our instruments, we learned how to write songs from scratch, we love performing live and we love f**king rocking out - that's what we do, so at this stage, people can call us whatever they want.''

But the young rockers believe they're ''very different'' to One Direction despite enjoying touring with them.

They said: ''Their type of music is very different to ours as well. It's a different type of journey, but to see how they've done it and the way they treat their touring crew is something we've learned from.''

The pop punk band, who are the first of five cover stars to be revealed in the latest issue (Issue 70) of Notion Magazine, formed in 2011, but think their new album, 'Sounds Good Feels Good,' is their best to date.

They explained to the publication: ''With the first album we were 16 years old when we wrote it. But now we've been on tour for four and a half years, we've experienced stuff. We've written about a lot of different things on this album because we're older and we've experienced more of life, so we've got more to talk about.''