Review of 9 by 9 (remixes) (12" - Talkin Loud) Single by 4 Hero

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4. Hero 9 by 9 (remixes) (12" - Talkin Loud)
Following on from their recently released and massively successful Les Fleur 4 Hero return with another stand out package a selection of four very different mixes of the excellent Les Fleur B-Side 9 by 9.
King Britt comes up with two mixes, the Scuba Mix and the Funky Mix. The former cuts the vocal back to a minimum whilst adding loads of spacey electronic sounds. The latter does as it says and uses his trademark eighties beats and keyboards to bring it more firmly back onto the dancefloor. Manchesters Markus Intalex and S.T.Files revert to the originals drum and bass roots keeping the full soul flavour at the fore and elevating Imanis gorgeous vocal. Top mixes but the original still takes first prize.