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4 Hero
Play With The Changes
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4 Hero Play With The Changes Album

I'm not gonna lie I'm a big fan of 4Hero as this London outfit certainly have the minerals to create brilliantly positive and infectious music. They can't be classed as drum and bass, soul or funk as they fuse all this together to create something unique that is uniquely London and oozes sophistication.

'Play With The Changes' is a great album. The musical scope is broader than their previous stuff and has some very laid back stuff also. This album is not as heavy as music I've heard from them but as an album as a whole it works very well. 'Look Inside' featuring Face is what I'm used to with 4Hero and it's an excellent track. Very upbeat with real feel good vibes. Similar in this vein is 'Something In The Way' featuring Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham. 'Sink Or Swim' featuring Lady Alma is very cool and very inventive. It has the influence of jazz, soul, garage and nice rhythms. 'Give In' features the outstanding vocals of Darien Brockington & Phonte of Little Brother that demonstrates a classic soul hit. 'Awakening' featuring the brilliant Ursula Rucker is my favourite track on the album. It's such a deep, invoking track that pushes the conscious mind and soul. Rucker's delivery is first class. 'Bed Of Roses' featuring Jody Watley has the same soulful integrity with loads uplifting qualities. There's some musical pieces there also with 'Sophia', 'Why Don't You Talk' and 'Dedication To The Horse' that you are interesting musical compositions. I especially liked the use of guitar on 'Dedictation To The Horse'.

All in all another great album. 4Hero bring out all the best of London, from the sophistication of the Jazz Café, to the spoken word on the street and beats of the soundsystem. It all combines to create a refreshing album that is full of positivity and soul. Respect!

Tareck Ghoneim

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