Review of Want Album by 3OH!3

Review of 3OH!3's album Want

3OH!3 Want Album

Having met whilst at university in Colorado, the duo who comprise 3Oh!3 take their moniker from their local telephone area code. This, their second album, was originally released in 2008 but recent mainstream exposure sees it given a new push. The band will be looking to capitalise on this on an imminent North American tour with Cobra Starship.

Those only familiar with 3Oh!3's recent chart success will be surprised that 'Want' is in the vast majority an electro-hip-hop record, beginning with the synthesised beats of 'Tapp'. There's plenty of attitude through the likes of 'Punk B*tch' and 'Holler Till You Pass Out', but it feels very forced and sounds like a drab impression of DMX. It leaves you wondering how the slick collaboration with Katy Perry, 'Starstrukk', fits in and in truth it doesn't. The original version is much rawer, electro affair with a slower tempo that certainly doesn't have chart hit written all over it. Perry's contribution certainly gives it a more commercial and radio-friendly sound, something that is aimed for with two other tracks with multiple versions. These aren't quite as successful though, with 'Don't Trust Me' gaining no benefit from it's original funky status, while 'Still Around' transforming from a surprisingly sentimental piano ballad to a string-laden slice of cheese aimed clearly at the commercial market. The trio of remixes on this release may well lead to accusations of a record company trying to cash in, but it's unlikely to happen if the public want more of the pop hits. The remainder of the album is greatly lacking in quality, for the most part being quite unlistenable.

Alex Lai

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