Review of Double Vision Single by 3OH!3

Having already had a huge year, and having collaborated with the likes of Katy Perry and Ke$ha, electro duo 3OH3! are set to have another smash hit to add to their record. With a thumping beat and a chorus that is as catchy as hell, Double Vision is pure commercial electro-pop personified.

3OH!3 Double Vision Single

Already confirmed as the soundtrack for the new Sims expansion pack before its release, Double Vision is a fun and charming pop track that is sure to get dancers on their feet in clubs across the world. As the lyrics suggest, this song is perfect for a drunken night out, but ironically one is not required to 'see double vision' to enjoy this single; radios are sure to lap this up. Although a strange choice for a winter single release (due to its summer hook), there is something attractive about these guys' attempt to burst sunshine into the gloomy months ahead.

One shouldn't expect complexity here. The chorus celebrates semi-naked women in clubs and consists of an immature 'na-na' refrain, but it is exactly that which makes this such a great track. Not pretending to be pretentious or complex, 3OH3! are out to release a song that will appeal to the masses and is great to party along to. This late summer track is sure to put your head in a spin.


Nima Baniamer

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