3 Stages Of Pain
Junktion 7, Nottingham
Live Review

3 Stages Of Pain

Please pay attention. The future of hardcore is here. Exploding like a whirling dervish of noise, 3 Stages of Pain hit the stage with the knowing confidence of a band comfortable with themselves and their performance. It's obvious from the start that they've already outgrown venues such as the intimate Junktion 7.

Their energy is tangible and from the first song band members bounce off each other like pinballs. Singer Shelf is a born frontman - he alternates between bearded madman and a smiling Cheshire cat, but avoids any whiff of cliché. The set showcases their new album "Black Heart Blues", and demonstrates how much their sound has matured since the solid promise of their debut. This is a band who should surely be huge.

Although, playing the genre game, I've put them into the world of 'hardcore' - a definition wide enough to be useless - they blend the traditional sound of hardcore with groove laden riffs, occasional bluesy, soulful vocals and moments of dynamic beauty. There are so many flavours here – from the heaviest to the most delicious. An amazing gig from an outstanding band. Get 'em while they're hot.

Sharon Edge

Label - http://www.undergroove.co.uk