3 Doors Down led the line-up for the inauguration welcoming concert yesterday (January 19th 2017) as probably the best known act on the roster having sold over 20 million records globally. For the younger generation watching, however, they may have been extremely unfamiliar, so let's explore the Mississippi rock band's career in brief.

3 Doors Down3 Doors Down to play at Donald Trump's inauguration

They formed in 1996 with lead vocalist and drummer Brad Arnold, bassist Todd Harrell, lead guitarist Matt Roberts and a little later rhythm guitarist Chris Henderson. Todd and Matt eventually departed the group, but these days Greg Upchurch (formerly of Puddle of Mudd) takes over drums, Chet Roberts is on lead guitar and Justin Biltonen on bass.

Their first single 'Kryptonite', released in 2000, propelled them to international success reaching number three in US charts. They went on to sign with Republic Records (with whom they remain to this day) and launch their Platinum-certified debut album 'The Better Life' which sold more than 3 million copies. In 2001, they re-recorded their single 'Be Like That' for the 'American Pie 2' soundtrack.

'When I'm Gone' and 'Here Without You' were two other big hits for the band in 2002 and 2003 respectively, as the first and third singles from their second album 'Away from the Sun'. They also released a remarkable cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'That Smell' for their 'Another 700 Miles' EP.

3 Doors Down's 2005 album 'Seventeen Days' was their first to top the US charts, with it's self-titled follow-up sharing the same success three years later; the latter album featuring their last Platinum single 'It's Not My Time'. Their last album was 'Us and the Night'. Released in March 2016, it marked the longest period between releases with their last being 2011's 'Time of My Life'.

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They've seen their fair share of controversy in their career. In 2013, Todd Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide after driving under the influence of prescription drugs, while Matt Roberts died in August last year after an overdose. However, with all the animosity surrounding Donald Trump's election, their decision to play the inauguration concert may even surpass that in some people's eyes.

Also performing at the concert last night was country singer Toby Keith.