Review of This Band Has Eaten All Our Money Single by 28 Costumes

Review of 28 Costumes single This Band Has Eaten All Our Money.

28 Costumes This Band Has Eaten All Our Money Single

Liverpool-based five-piece 28 Costumes formed around 2004 and can count The Cure's Robert Smith as a fan. The band has previously toured with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Bloc Party and their second album is due for release later in the year.

The press release for this single mentions the influence of The Pixies on 28 Costumes and it's something the band wears proudly on their sleeve. Spritely guitars are mixed with a vocal style similar to Frank Black's performance on 'Debaser' and the result is an undeniable audio joy wrapped up well inside two and a half minutes. Some may accuse the group of a lack of originality, but there are worse bands they could base their sound on.

Alex Lai

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