Review of Unbalance Album by 2562

Review of 2562's album Unbalance

2562 Unbalance Album

Dave Huismans aka 2562 releases his second album 'Unbalance' on Tectonic. Indeed this Dutch man received favourable reviews for his first album 'Ariel' and this eagerly awaited album is gaining the same respect. Many put this sound in the dubstep category although for me it's more subtle than dubstep. It has more ambient and breakbeat influences for me to be classed in the same obvious dubstep style of Benga or Skream let say, yet tracks like 'Unbalance' and 'Lost' do fit that genre.

'Unbalance' is really good though. In fact it's awesome. Due to its complex and layered sound it leaves listeners in an almost hypnotised state.

The bleeps and progressive production allows a futuristic feel and the sophistication of the production creates a depth and warmth that will allow repeated listening. It creates a soundscape that is engrossing yet not in your face, a subliminal delight that is cutting edge and easy to listen to with cool sub bass to keep a degree of heaviness. 'Superflight' is an edgy tune that emphasises the grit in this album.

'Unbalance' is a great album but it's not ground breaking or too popular for the masses. It's a neat piece of art that is relevant to the time and fits nicely into the progressive head and futuristic visionary. The album rolls together seamlessly and in all the good tradition of progressive ambient music tells a story that allows you to be the creator. Cool stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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