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1990s Cookies Album

Glaswegians 1990s are set to release there new album Cookies on Rough Trade Records. So what do these guys have to offer?

Well what can you say about the new album to come from 1990s? Ha ha ha well Cookies is this new album and it really has to be said that this is going to be a somewhat very short review because in all reality there is not a great deal that can be said. 1990s the name that is, does say exactly what it says on the tin. The thing is that this album sounds like something that has been lifted from the archives of the decade of the 90s, and everything that was average from that era has been put on this album. In short there is not one song that stands out from the rest, actually if it wasn't for the salience you wouldn't have known if the songs had actually changed. The whole album is very much all the same.

It can't be that bad? Is the question that you find that you are asking yourself while you read this review, but yes it really is. The Kaiser Chiefs must have heard this before writing their own average single "Everything Is Average Nowadays" and that is being harsh to the word average. No song deserves any point of note because if there were then you would have to name all twelve. It can't be made any clearer than this is an average, boring, back dated album.

Maybe it is that time of the month or year but there is nothing more that can be wasted on this album except that the 1990s need to take a long hard look at this album and look to see if they can at least change their chords in the next one! If they get that chance that is.

Mark Moore

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