Zooey Deschanel thinks less money makes people more ''creative''.

The 'New Girl' actress insists wealth isn't important when it comes to personal style as she use to shop in thrift stores when she was a teenager to find hidden gems.

Speaking to the April edition of InStyle magazine, Zooey said: ''Style isn't when you buy yourself the most expensive things. I didn't have a lot of money so I got things for, like, $2, $3 and made myself look as good as I could. Limitations make you more creative.''

The brunette beauty also insists her fashion sense is constantly changing and is annoyed people label her ''cute'' and ''quirky'' for her individual look.

She added: ''People try to turn you into a caricature of yourself. I change, just like anyone.

''People are more affected by how I look and dress myself than I think anyone would care to admit. I guess I'll just have to start wearing power suits.''