Zooey Deschanel is best known for her hilarious show 'New Girl' as well as her co-starring role in Elf, in which she's blonde and looks a very far cry from her appearance now. Acting isn't her only talent as she's also part of a musical duo called She&Him, alongside Matthew Ward, plus, on top of all that, she's also spearheading one side of a feminine revolution on her site Hello Giggles. She's this month's Cosmopolitan cover girl and the more she speaks about her aims and values the more we like and respect her!

A large portion of Hello Giggles is from contributors of all ages from across the world, speaking about what they care about and hoping that others feel the same way - more often than not, they do. Speaking about what encouraged her to create the site she said that they started it "for fun" but it has now become "a mission to make it a thing that helps other women." (The Daily Mail)

She also explained how her experience of being teased at school has added to the site, saying "There were insecurities that I think I would have worked through a lot faster if I'd had certain tools and could have connected with certain people earlier. If there had been a place like [Hello Giggles] for me when I was 13, I would have felt so much less alone."

It wasn't all about her own childhood experience, but also about what she was seeing happen now. "I was so tired of every site having these comment sections that were pure toxic energy," she said. "I have a pretty thick skin... But if someone were to do that to one of our 13-year-old bloggers, I would kill them." (The Sun)

She's also a true optimist and despite divorcing her husband, Ben Gibbard, last year she remains faithful to the ideals of true love, set forth by her parents and grandparents. "I come from a long line of true loves," she said.

Zooey Deschanel and Jamie Linden at the Oscars

Zooey Deschanel and boyfriend of 6 months Jamie Linden at the Oscars