British actress Zoe Tapper suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while filming period drama Mr. Selfridge when a revolving door tore off her costume and left her standing on set in nothing but "bloomers and a petticoat".

The 31 year old stars in the British Tv show as music hall performer Ellen Love opposite Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge, the American retail magnate behind famous London department store Selfridges.

Tapper has now revealed filming on the show's first episode went horribly wrong when her lavish period dress became stuck in a revolving door and ripped off, leaving her standing semi-naked in front of the other actors.

She says, "I became really clumsy (on set) and had lots of wardrobe malfunctions. There was a scene in the very first episode when Ellen arrives at Selfridges for the first time. There's this fabulous slow motion shot of her arriving through the door in this fantastic red outfit... As I came through the revolving door, my skirt got caught. It ripped and then got completely pulled off. So the other actors were standing in the store - which is actually a carpet warehouse in Neasden (in London) - preparing to see this vision and there I was in my bloomers and petticoat instead."