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Zodiac Film Sicko Unmasked By Stepdaughter

The serial killer who inspired acclaimed mystery movie ZODIAC has been unmasked by his own stepdaughter. Deborah Perez claims spectacles she snatched from Guy Ward Hendricksen's...

Ruffalo And Pearce Up For Iconic Brando Role

ZODIAC star MARK RUFFALO and Australian actor GUY PEARCE are battling it out for the lead role in a new stage version of ON THE...

Zodiac Director Inspired By Childhood Memories

ZODIAC director DAVID FINCHER's real life experience of the Zodiac serial killer inspired his thriller movie. The filmmaker - who grew up near San Francisco,...


Mark Ruffalo And Wife Expecting

ZODIAC star MARK RUFFALO and his wife SUNRISE COIGNEY are expecting their third child together. Ruffalo and 34-year-old Coigney - the owner of chic Los...