Audi know their advertising. Volkswagen went there with Star Wars, butchering the franchise with their attempt (who hasn’t). And now Audi take their turn to either delight or enrage the geek population with their Star Trek inspired campaign.

The ad is pretty good; it pits Leonard Nimoy against Zachary Quinto (classic Spock v new-age Spock) as they attempt to beat each other at the banalities of domestic life. Rich domestic life, that is, as they finish their chess battle only to see who can arrive at the gold course first. Of course, Quinto’s Audi does the trick, with its ample boot space and space-age sat nav system. Nimoy’s stuffy old (it’s brand new) Mercedes is just no good for DRIVING TO A GOLF COURSE. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter; it’s Spock v Spock - Half-Vulcan Half-Human v Half-Vulcan Half-Human. The highly anticipated Star Trek Into The Darkness is due for release on May 17th, and is helmed by J.J Abrams.

Zachary QuintoLeonard NimoySpock v Spock, old v young, Nimoy v Quinto - who should win?

Is this the best sci-fi inspired advert of all time? Probably. And when we say probably, we mean absolutely definitely. Fighting for the title is VW and their Star Wars car with the cute kid in the Darth Vader costume and Vodaphone’s Yoda. But it’s Spock v Spock for us for the subtlety and panache displayed. Make your own mind up though, take a look at them below.