Zach Braff is the latest star to use the Kickstarter project to great effect, the actor managing to raise a whopping $1.4 million with 29 days of pledging action still to go.

The phenomenal success of the creator behind the Veronica Mars’ film project, which attained its goal within a day of going live, has evidently turned others heads in the music industry, and Braff is raising money for his forthcoming movie Wish I Was Here. "I was about to sign a typical financing deal in order to get the money to make Wish I Was Here, my follow up to Garden State," Braff wrote on his Kickstarter page. "It would have involved making a lot of sacrifices I think would have ultimately hurt the film. I've been a backer for several projects on Kickstarter and thought the concept was fascinating and revolutionary for artists and innovators of all kinds. But I didn't imagine it could work on larger-scale projects. I was wrong.”

"After I saw the incredible way Veronica Mars fans rallied around Kristen Bell and her show's creator, Rob Thomas, I couldn't help but think (like I'm sure so many other independent film-makers did) maybe there is a new way to finance smaller, personal films that didn't involve signing away all your artistic control.” He continued, "Financing an independent film the traditional way often means having to give away your right to 'the final cut', casting choices, location choices and cutting down your script to make it shoot-able on the cheapest budget possible. What if there is a different way?" Pledges range from $10, which gets you a weekly production diary of the making-of developments, right up to $10,000 – already pledged for – which will see someone get a line in the film, as well as all the other treats that are on offer.

Zach Braff

Zach Braff is well on his way to his desired $2 million goal