When Zack Braff’s Kickstarter project surpassed its $2m target (with 26 days to spare, may we add) the overwhelming response was ‘awww’ and ‘well done’. But aren’t we ignoring the fact he’s a multi-millionaire?

Scrubs wasn’t a two-season show; it ran and ran to a phenomenal nine seasons, and you can pretty much guarantee he got paid exponentially for those seasons (apart from maybe the ninth, which was weird and on a different channel) I digress. Zach Braff has loads of money, so why exactly is he getting us to pay for his movie? Well, he says ‘the money people’ want control over the final cut, and make decisions that are derivative to his artistic vision. That’s fair enough, but it doesn’t change the fact that he could just fund it. He might say it’s a way for fans to get involved, and cite the fact that funders get unique opportunities to be a part of the film’s history on different levels based on their contribution. Fine. But he could still stump up $2m of his own money, and still get fans to do stuff.

Zach BraffUse your own cash! Braff

The bottom line is, Braff doesn’t need fans to fund his new movie; it’s a publicity thing, with the added bonus of $2m, and that’s a pretty nice bonus. His star has fallen in the past few years, Scrubs has declined and he’s fallen off the radar, so this is his way of getting his new film into the press in a big way. And it’s succeeded.