Zac Efron and Michele Rodriguez – it’s fairly safe to say that noone was shipping this particular celebrity couple before it happened. What “it” means exactly, is still up for debate. All we know so far is that the pair got photographed in Sardinia recently, getting very cozy with each other, according to E! News.

Michelle RodriguezZac Efron
Rodriguez [l] and Efron [r] are this week's surprise couple.

The pair were spotted enjoying each other’s company on a sailboat off the Italian coast, cuddling and generally canoodling. They took several dips in the turquoise Sardinian waters and, being all hip with the times, took several selfies to document the day.

Rodriguez was reportedly snapping pictures of her apparent new beau throughout the day, as Zefron did backflips off the boat. The Fast & Furious star wasn’t behind on her own athletic ability either.

Also, can we talk about the fact that between the two, they have, like, a 12-pack of abs? Privacy is always important, of course, but if these two were going to get caught anywhere, we’re glad it was on the beach.

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The lovebirds were joined by Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, who has been documenting their trip on social media. "Welcome to my friends Michelle and Zac at l'Eremita…enjoy," he wrote last week, along with posting some pics of the ever active couple – Efron’s dance moves and Rodriguez’ handstand skills were on full display. Most athletic pair in Hollywood? Well, they'd have a lot of competition, but we're giving them the top ten, at least. And looking forward to more Super Happy Beach Time photos in the mean time.

Zac Efron
After a brief post-HSM hiatus, Zac Efron is back in full force these days.