Zac Efron was obsessed with Tyra Banks when he was a teenager.

The handsome actor - who is in a long-term relationship with his 'High School Musical' co-star Vanessa Hudgens - used to have such a big crush on the model-turned-TV star he would spend hours just staring at a poster of her he had stuck to his ceiling.

He explained to LOOK magazine: "When I was younger I used to lie on my bed and look up at a poster of Tyra Banks on my ceiling. She was in the Victoria's Secret catalogues that my mom used to get and I thought she was the most gorgeous thing in the world.

"I love girls with dark features, but when I went to Sweden I saw the most incredible natural blondes that I've ever seen."

The 22-year-old Hollywood hunk also revealed he likes to try and be romantic with Vanessa, 21, and enjoys cooking for her even though he isn't great in the kitchen.

He said: "I'm improvisational when it comes to romance. I'm not a gifted chef but I made lasagne a couple of nights ago and it was good! I like to go out for dinner or to the movies as well."