Zac Efron tries to look his best whenever he leaves the house - because dressing well and keeping fit is "the least" he can do to please his adoring fans.
The 22 year old won over a devoted following around the globe as the hunky star of Disney franchise High School Musical - and he believes maintaining his heart-throb looks is the key to keeping himself out of the tabloids and making fans happy.
He tells, "There are little things you have to forgo (as a celebrity). If you walk around in sweatpants and don't shave or shower, or look a bit sleepy, there's a high probability that there are going to be rumours out there that you're on drugs or starting some sort of spiral downhill. So I've always tried to look my best, and look clean when I go outside. I think I owe it to everybody to show up well-groomed and put in a little effort. It's the least I can do."
But the actor insists discussing his fame makes him uncomfortable - because very few people can understand what it's like to be internationally recognised.
He adds, "There are small things you definitely miss. The thing about it is if you comment on it (fame), or talk about the negativity around it, it's not really comprehensible to anybody. It's one of the weirdest things to talk about with friends or family or anyone, to be honest."