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Zac Efron (born Zachary David Alexander Efron, 18.10.1987)

Zac Efron is an American actor and is also a singer. He rose to fame after appearing in High School Musical and the TV series Summerland.

Zac Efron: Childhood

Zac Efron was born in San Luis Obispo, California, to father David (a power plant engineer) and Starla Baskett (a former secretary). They later moved to Arroyo Grande, California.

When Zac was 11, his father encouraged him to try acting. He later appeared in a number of productions at his high school and found work in a theatre named The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville. He also took up singing lessons. In 2001, Efron completed a course at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts.

Efron's drama teacher, Robyn Metchik, recommended him to an agency and he soon signed up with the Creative Artists Agency.

After graduating from high school in Arroyo Grande, Efron deferred an offer of a place at the University of Southern California, whilst he worked on a number of film projects.

Zac Efron: Acting Career

Efron's TV career started out with appearances in shows such as Firefly, The Guardian and ER. He also played Cameron Bale in the WB series Summerland. In the second series of the show, he became a regular cast member.

Since his appearance in the series, Efron has also accepted offers to appear in the likes of CSI:Miami, The Replacements and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

In 2003, Zac Efron received a Young Artist Award for his performance as an autistic twin in the TV movie Miracle Run.

Efron's career took an upturn in 2006 when he appeared in High School Musical. He played the role of Troy Bolton, the basketball captain. He won two Teen Choice Awards following the release of the film and the cast travelled to Europe and Australia to promote the movie.

In 2007, Efron appeared in a remake of Hairspray, and received positive reviews for his performance. The same year saw the release of High School Musical 2. His role will be revisited in the 2008 release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

In 2008, Efron spent time filming Me and Orson Welles, which was filmed on the Isle of Man, New York and London. The film was first screened at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2008.

Zac Efron: Music Career

Efron released his first two singles shortly after the release of High School Musical. 'Get'cha Head in the Game' and 'Breaking Free' both charted at the same time. The next week, he had five tracks from the film's soundtrack in the charts.

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Dirty Grandpa Review


There's nothing clever about this deliberately rude and vulgar comedy, but certain audiences will find it absolutely hilarious. Never afraid to head straight into the cheapest, nastiest gag, director Dan Mazar and writer John Phillips throw their odd-couple stars into a series of riotously awkward situations, usually involving nudity. And even if it's not as funny as it ought to be, at least there's some meaning to the chaos.

Zac Efron plays Jason, a bright young Atlanta lawyer who takes after his workaholic father (Dermot Mulroney). But Jason's grandfather Dick (Robert De Niro) remembers a more interesting Jason, before ruthless ambition took over his life. So after Grandma's funeral, Dick asks Jason to drive him down to Florida a week before Jason is due to marry the high-maintenance Meredith (Julianne Hough). Jason quickly discovers that Grandpa is intent on sowing some very wild oats, detouring their journey through Daytona at spring break, where they meet a couple of girls (Aubrey Plaza and Zoey Deutch) who are up for pretty much anything. What Jason doesn't know is that Grandpa is doing all of this to remind Jason who he really is, and to show him how to enjoy life instead of control it.

The script sometimes lays on this message rather thickly in between a series of deliberately jaw-dropping gross-out sequences. Predictably, drugs and sex abound, and most of the jokes are so corny and ludicrous that they're not remotely believable. Everything that happens strains to shock the audience, which means that nothing is actually very shocking. But while the story has no tension at all, it also manages to grab hold of the audience simply because the characters are so vividly played by the fearless Efron and De Niro. Neither role is much of a stretch, but they dive into even the yucky and/or naked moments with gusto, developing some chemistry in the process.

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Neighbors: Sorority Rising Trailer

Mac and Kelly's lives have moved forward a lot since the problems they had with the fraternity house next door. Their daughter Stella is growing up and Kelly is pregnant with another baby. Their little family is growing and it's time to move to a bigger house. However, their new neighbours (a small sorority house who have big plans to ditch the usual implied, sexist sorority rules and prove that they can party just as hard as the boys.

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On Dirty Grandpa, Zac Efron Bonded With Idol Robert De Niro

Zac Efron Robert De Niro

Zac Efron seems genuinely dazzled by the fact that he's now made a film in which he appears alongside with one of cinema's finest actors. "Robert De Niro is the cool dude of all cool dudes," Efron enthuses about his Dirty Grandpa costar. "He's never seen a single one of my films, guaranteed!"

Efron plays the grandson of De Niro's characterEfron plays the grandson of De Niro's character

He says that he was so nervous about meeting him that it felt like going on a first date. "Do I come on really strong or do I play it cool, as if it's every day that you meet someone like Robert De Niro?" he laughs. "We had to find out each other's vibe and the way we worked. And then halfway through the movie we sort of just clicked. Basically if you talk to him about anything other than acting, he's an open book. He loves talking."

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Zac Efron Apologises For Insensitive Martin Luther King Jr. Tweet

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has apologised for a ‘completely insensitive’ tweet he shared during Martin Luther King Day on Monday (January 18th). The 28 year old actor faced backlash online after posting the message to his 21 million social media followers, which has since been deleted.

zac efronZac Efron has apologised for causing offence with a tweet sent on Martin Luther King day.

Writing on Instagram Efron said: "I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I realize that last night's post was completely insensitive and I apologize to anyone who I may have offended. So sorry.”

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'High School Musical' Stars To Reunite For Movie's 10th Anniversary

Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale

Can you believe it’s been ten years since we were first introduced to High School Musical? No we can’t either. But to mark a decade since the movie’s Disney Channel premiere, members of the cast have reunited for a special sit-down celebrating all things HSM which will air on Wednesday (January 20th).

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens is among the HSM cast members reuniting for the film’s 10th anniversary.

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman have all taken part, with the reunion being filmed at a high school gym in suburban Los Angeles. But one essential cast member was missing, Zac Efron, who played Troy Bolton.

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Dirty Grandpa Trailer

Dick Kelly has never been able to unwind, he's a retired army general and even though he has a foul-mouth, he lives a rather subdued life - well, far more subdued than he's like. After being given a new lease of life, Dick convinces his grandson to take him away, what Jason doesn't realise is Dick is planning a wild weekend at Daytona beach. The only problem with this is Jason is one week away from getting married to his bosses daughter and is perhaps one of the most unlikely people to ever visit somewhere like Daytona Beach.

On the way Dick and Jason make a few new friends. Dick is desperate to sow his wild oats whilst all Jason can think about is getting the trip over and done with. Jason despondently remarks that most grandads would be happy with 'toffee and socks' - alas not Dick.

Dirty Grandpa was directed by Dan Mazer who produced many of Sacha Baron Cohen's movies including Bruno, Borat and The Dictator. Mazer is also set to direct upcoming movie The Flash starring Ezrz Miller.

Zac Efron And Chloë Grace Moretz Filming Scenes For Their New Movie 'Neighbors 2'

Zac Efron - Zac Efron puts on his saddle for a scene in 'Neighbors 2' filming in Los Angeles. The actor was seen jumping on top of a horse with a fraternity flag while co star Chloe Moretz host a frat party wearing a wig and a tight mini skirt. - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 29th October 2015

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Zac Efron's 'We Are Your Friends' Performs Disastrously On Opening Weekend

Zac Efron Emily Ratajkowski Wes Bentley

Zac Efron’s latest movie has suffered the worst opening weekend for a movie featuring in more than 2,000 cinemas in American history. We Are Your Friends, in which Efron stars as a young DJ struggling to make it in the EDM scene, took just $1.8 million from its showings in 2,333 locations across the U.S., making it the worst opening weekend ever, not adjusting for inflation.

Warner Bros. studio paid $2 million to distribute the movie, which is directed by Max Joseph and also features Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski, across North America on behalf of Working Title Films and StudioCanal. This is a very modest outlay, but tracking had indicated that they were hoping for an opening in the region of $8 million given Efron’s presence, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Zac Efron Emily RatajkowskiZac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski, co-stars in 'We Are Your Friends'

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'Straight Outta Compton' Top US Box Office For Third Straight Week

Dr Dre Zac Efron

Straight Outta Compton is on top of the US box office for the third-straight week taking an estimated $13.2 million at US theaters. The N.W.A. biopic beat Christian drama War Room to keep the number one spot, while Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends suffered a massive flop.

Straight Outta ComptonStraight Outta Compton is still on top of the US box office.

Straight Outta Compton now joins Jurassic World to become the only other film to top the US box office for three consecutive weeks this summer. The biopic’s box office total now stands at $134.1 million.

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We Are Your Friends Resonated With Zac Efron

Zac Efron Emily Ratajkowski

Clearly, playing an aspiring DJ touched a nerve with the 27-year-old actor, whose career began as the singing-dancing star of High School Musical and Hairspray.

He remembers his introduction to We Are Your Friends, watching a sizzle reel before he even read the script. "I think what was on my mind at that moment, and what's always on my mind when I first meet for a project, is what does it mean to me," he says. "I was just caught up in how much I was really engaged with the material. And that's always scary, because it feels like you might be committing to something."

Watch the trailer for We Are Friends:

And this feeling of connection continued into the production. "While we were making the movie, I knew that we were telling a story that I just knew," he says. "It represented what I was going through at a certain time of my life. I just hope it means something to a lot of people."

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We Are Your Friends Review


Basically the perfect summer movie, this lightweight drama has a great-looking cast and plenty of youthful energy, but not much authenticity or depth. The plot traces a young aspiring DJ trying to make his mark on the music world, and his struggle isn't exactly gruelling. But what the movie lacks in realism it makes up for in melodrama, keeping the audience involved simply because the characters are relatively enjoyable company.

Zac Efron plays Cole, a smart young guy who spends his days and nights hanging with his chucklehead pals Mason, Ollie and Squirrel (Jonny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez and Alex Shaffer), playing music, doing drugs and tormenting the girls. But Cole has skills mixing tracks to keep a dance floor busy, and one night he's noticed by his idol James (Wes Bentley), a star DJ with a hot girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). James helps Cole discover his own distinct voice, while Cole can't help but fall for Sophie. Meanwhile, Cole and his buddies need to make some cash, so they take a job with a dodgy property developer (Jon Bernthal). But Cole is determined that this kind of work won't be his future.

Director-cowriter Max Joseph never really bothers to develop any of this properly, letting the film glide along on Cole's cool beats while indulging in arty touches like an animated drug trip. There isn't much complexity to any of the characters, but the actors add interest in the way they interact, developing camaraderie that says a lot more than their relentless macho swagger. Efron is the only actor who is allowed to offer a glimpse beneath the surface, and he navigates Cole's darker emotional moments nicely. But the script continually undermines him. For example, there are constant references to his strong moral code, and yet he seems utterly unbothered about seducing his mentor's girlfriend. Opposite him, Bentley gets to do some ace scene-stealing, but everyone else fades into the wallpaper.

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Watch Zac Efron Fail To Remember Hit Song From 'High School Musical'

Zac Efron Emily Ratajkowski

Zac Efron suffered form a bit of an embarrassing memory blackout recently, when he was asked to identify one of his songs from 2006 Disney movie High School Musical. The 27 year old actor is currently promoting his new music-centric flick, We Are Your Friends, which follows a young DJ trying to make it in California.

zac efronZac Efron stars in We Are Your Friends.

Efron and his co-star Emily Ratajkowski and the film’s director Max Joseph were playing a game of ‘guess the intro’ during an interview by Cosmopolitan magazine. At first the trio seemed to get off to a really good start, with Ratajkowski identifying Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’ in record time.

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Los Angeles Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'We Are Your Friends'

Zac Efron - Los Angeles Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'We Are Your Friends' at TCL Chinese Theatre - Arrivals at TCL Chinese Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 20th August 2015

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Los Angeles Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures 'We Are Your Friends'

Shiloh Fernandez, Max Joseph, Emily Ratajkowski, Zac Efron , Jonny Weston - Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures 'We Are Your Friends' at TCL Chinese Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 20th August 2015

Shiloh Fernandez, Max Joseph, Emily Ratajkowski, Zac Efron and Jonny Weston
Shiloh Fernandez, Max Joseph, Emily Ratajkowski, Zac Efron and Jonny Weston
Shiloh Fernandez
Shiloh Fernandez
Shiloh Fernandez
Shiloh Fernandez

Zac Efron Is Putting The 'R' In Raunchy As He Takes On Baywatch Film Remake

Zac Efron Dwayne Johnson

Who doesn’t like 1990s Baywatch complete with Pamela Anderson’s audacious curves and David Hasselhoff’s oddly attractive chest? Well it seems that Zac Efron may not with the actor, who is involved with a film reboot of the franchise, explaining that the new venture will be nothing like its predecessor.

Zac EfronZac Efron is rating the new Baywatch movie R for Raunchy

After news broke of the former High School Musical actor’s involvement with the project, Efron told Reuters: "It’s going to be R-rated and it’s going to be badass."

Continue reading: Zac Efron Is Putting The 'R' In Raunchy As He Takes On Baywatch Film Remake

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Date of birth

18th October, 1987








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