Beanna MCFerren claims the 29 year old, real name Christian Ward, has denied any responsibility for the kid ever since he learned she was expecting.

She alleges he asked her to terminate the pregnancy, but would not provide her with the funds to have the procedure, and when MCFerren approached Berg to encourage him to spend more time with the boy, who is autistic, he disappeared.

MCFerren is now taking her case to court as she demands financial support for her now-12-year-old son.

She tells, "It's not about me or him. We can be two adults and he be there for his son. He needs a father in his life. If he doesn't want to be in his life, then let us at least see his family.

"My son is a 12-year-old boy now. It just p**ses me off that he doesn't want to admit (paternity). I'll pay for the paternity test."

She continues, "I would like him to set aside whatever he feels. It's not about him. It's about our son."

A court hearing is reportedly scheduled for next month (Oct15).

Last year (14), Berg landed a profile on Illinois state's Child Support Services' delinquent parents list for allegedly failing to pay MCFerren $87,000 (£54,375) in child support.

She reportedly tried to sue Ward for the payments, but was unable to locate him to have him served with the legal papers.