Kenshin Himura is a name known to manga fans from across the globe, and the one-time assassin turned keeper of the peace has at last made the leap to the big screen in Rurouni Kenshin. From director Keishi Ohtomo, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kiyomi Fujii, have started from Kenshin's beginnings to tell the story of the man once known as Battosai the Killer in full, and after finding success back in Japan already, there are hopes it will have a similar success overseas.

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Back when he was Battosai the Killer, Kenshin (played by Takeru Satô) was one of the most feared assassins in the land, but whilst still young and at the prime of his game he grows weary of a life of killing, and decides to use his skills for good. Hanging up his sword and becoming a wanderer, helping passers by during his travels, Kenshin tries to find peace within himself. Eventually he stumbles upon a rundown martial arts school led by the temperamental, albeit loveable Kaoru Kamiya (Emi Takei), where he feels at one and makes it his home. At first, discovering what his past was like, Kamiya attacks and tries to shoo Kenshin from the dojo, but upon learning of his newfound identity, the two grow closer and Kaoru helps him find peace and encourages him to continue with his vow against killing. This new life becomes increasingly difficult once the bloodthirsty Kanryuu Takeda takes it upon himself to find the missing Kenshin, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. Takeda will stop at nothing to make the former assassin revoke his vow and return to the profession he was once so revered in, and before long, Kenshin will have to break his vow no matter what.

Rurouni Kenshin will arrive in UK cinemas on 4 October 2013.