World Martial Arts Champion Hector Echavarria stars as Marcos DeSantos, a daring thief who wants out of the life of crime. But his partners, Cole and the beautiful Bianca, talk Marcos into one last score. What Marcos doesn't know is that their routine job turns out to be the heist of the priceless Sacred Seal of Mongolia. Marcos and Cole combat their way through security and even manage to hold off the President's mammoth bodyguard Kong Li (Kickboxer 1 & 2) at gunpoint. Then, in an act of betrayal, Cole turns the gun on Marcos, shooting him twice in the chest.

Sound intriguing? I didn't get that from watching the movie, but from reading the back of the DVD case (it's verbatim, except I fixed the punctuation for them). I tried to watch the film, but it is just so bad (script, acting, direction, even the fight scenes) that I just couldn't give it more than two or three brain cells worth of attention. Everything about Extreme Force is as awful as you'd expect from a film starring Hector Echavarria and called Extreme Force, which I suppose means that if you've found yourself watching this picture, well, you are getting what you deserve.

The only real enjoyment I got from this title was from the fact that the typography on the side of the disc makes is faded out to look like Tre Orc. Don't know why that amuses me so, but you gotta look for a silver lining, you know...

My reaction 5 minutes after watching the film.