Review of They Came From the Sun Album by yourcodenameismilo

They Came From the Sun
Album Review

yourcodenameismilo They Came From the Sun Album

Without a personal audience with the band, it's hard to assess whether Yourcodenameis:milo are actually as strange in person as their name, record covers and music would suggest. It would be nice to think so in some ways. There's nothing wrong with strange - many of the great genuises of the world were a bit strange. If you manage to produce music this innovative and creative, you're actually allowed to be as strange as you want.

More accessible than earlier releases, this is still amazingly eclectic and confusing stuff. You have to pin the genre tail on the donkey of post-hardcore if pushed, but there's all sorts in there. It's a musical lucky bag that just keeps on going.

Opening track Pacific Theatre sounds at times like Hawkwind would given more drugs. I know, I couldn't believe that either. Throughout the album there's a lot more melody than before. 'Understand' is a radio-friendly number if there ever was one for example. The heavier moments are wonderful too, with Translate coming over like early Soundgarden on steroids.

Tour dates with more commercial peers will surely bring the band the wider respect they so richly deserve. A strange, fantastic monster of an album

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