Review of Daydreamer Album by Youngteam

Youngteam made waves on the music scene with their debut EP and now they release their debut album 'Daydreamer'. There's always a certain anticipation when a new artist on Northern Star Records releases an album and this release from Young Team is no different.

Youngteam Daydreamer Album

The unique style this Swedish outfit have created is sure to keep us all intrigued and hooked. The intro acts as a small insight as to what the album will offer; it sounds like a whole orchestra building up and up and then pure silence which slowly leads you to the opener which is incidentally the title track. 'Daydreamer' has a beautiful pop feel to it and then like a magician using slide of hand, Young Team syncs their music into a soulful dark different beauty, one that can be appreciated and loved.

The great thing about this album is that at times you hear sounds reminiscent of Ride, but you know that none of it is intentional. If there were ever a thing called dark pop it's exactly the genre where Youngteam would belong. 'Your Love' spirals in and out into loneliness, heartbreak and overwhelming heartache.

You find that this album really pulls at your soul, but not in the way you would normally think, listen deep into the chords of the music and the way it is sung 'My Only Friend' is a perfect example of this. 'Northern Star' is one of the highlights whilst it would appear there's some irony to the bands track 'Summertime' as it doesn't deliver what it says on the tin. 'Ashes' and 'Goodbye' finish the album in a kind of sentimental and calming way that leave you in a state of shock and a wanting for more.

Young Team have found the winning formula, but now it is time to see if everyone else out there feel the same, and back this band all the way. Only time will tell.

Mark Moore

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