Perfect Site, aka Tolle Lage, screening as part of San Francisco's 2001 Berlin & Beyond Festival, tells us the story of "Perfect Site," a campground in the woods that attracts a motley crew of people. In Tolle Lage, we follow their tribulations at what is supposed to be the resting area for some of the campers and a permanent residence for others. All of this is presented from the point of view of Pit Sun, a Vietnamese immigrant in Germany, who hates working for his despicable boss, despite involvement with his daughter.

Stuck in the middle of the woods, the place attracts all kinds of low-life drifters: Former East German pop music star Michi Fanselow; an irksome bank clerk Claus who, after robbing his bank division, gets on the nerves of his former supervisor nerves and his disillusioned wife Natasha; a band of bohemian musicians, and Ralf, the owner of the place himself, a pigheaded stingy former NATO employee who still feeds his customers with vacuum-packed cookies from his old NATO days.

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