Review of Bones Album by Young Guns

Young Guns are the latest in a long line of super hyped rock bands who are 'primed to take over the world' or 'ready to save rock and roll'. Rarely do the bands in question, through no fault of their own, live up to the hype built up around them and disappear without a trace in a few years. Could Young Guns be the band to buck the tradition and have a long, illustrious, brilliant career? Yes, you could argue, if they have the songs.

Young Guns Bones Album

And they do have the songs. Young Guns seem to keep close to the anthemic arena rock fodder like album opener I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die and Headlights, both calling to mind stuff like Lostprophets and in places Foo Fighters. In fact, most of the album is overly polished, super glossy and aimed squarely at crossing over into the mainstream. None of which is in of itself a bad thing; who are we to begrudge a band a little success?

The main problem with Bones is that the stadium sheen has robbed the band and the music of anything individual or even interesting. This could be any old commercial rock album by any old commercial rock band, which is a shame because you feel these guys have all the ingredients that could make a great, confident and interesting album.

Bones by Young Guns then, is headed straight for the mainstream and an arena near you. Just next time boys, try and put a little bit more personality into it.

Ben Walton

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