Pink Armani ShowRose Ave. will be Pink’s first release since 2012’s The Truth About Love

For Dallas Green, rose ave. will be the singer/songwriter’s first non-City and Colour output since 2010. Before City and Colour, Green fronted the post hardcore rock band Alexisonfire, but they broke up following their 2010 release. Since then, it’s been strictly City and Colour all the way through, and it was probably the best decision. City and Colour’s albums since Alexisonfire’s break up, Little Hell and The Hurry and The Harm, both debuted at number one on the Canadian Album Charts and charted within the top 30 on the Billboard 200. When rose ave. is released, it’ll undoubtedly be another chart topping venture for Green, and with Pink attached to the project, it could be his best U.S. debut yet, as Alexisonfire’s best debut on Billboard was only #81.

You+Me might be a little different for Pink than it is for Green. Green’s been around the indie/folk rock scene for a while now, but until now, Pink has never stepped foot in it. The album is being marketed under Alecia Moore, too - not Pink. Either the label just wants people to know that it isn’t technically a “Pink album” to avoid backlash, or Pink wants to attach her real name because the music is a representation of her true self.

Either way, any music from Pink … err, Moore … is a good thing, and it’s long overdue as we’ve been waiting for a new full-length since 2012’s The Truth About Love. It might not be the pop heavy sound we know and love, but it seems like the project is something that she really wants to do. “I have a lot of singer/songwriter friends at barbecues and they'll always be the ones who get asked to sing a song. I'm never going to be asked to sing a song, because I'm a pop star,” she said in an interview with Billboard last year. “It's like every year I'm constantly having to reprove myself.” If You+Me is the result of Pink trying to prove herself, it may just be the last time she needs to do it.