You Got Served

You Got Served

You Got Served - Competition


Available to buy on DVD or Rent on DVD/VHS 25th October 2004

In the tradition of 8 Mile, Drumline and Bring It On comes You Got Served , an inside look at the battle to be the best in the fast-paced and take- no-prisoners world of hip hop street dancing. You Got Served is available to buy on DVD or rent on DVD or VHS from 25 th October 2004 courtesy of Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment.


Written and directed by Christopher B. Stokes (House Party 4), the cast includes the platinum selling hit R&B boy band B2K - Raz-B, Omari Grandberry, Lil' Fizz and J Boog. Also starring is the sultry R&B star Lil' Kim and Marques Houston (TV's Sister Sister).


Elgin (Houston) and David (Omarion) are best friends and leaders of the best dance crew in the area. When another town's top group challenges them to a battle, David and Elgin, along with their buddies (Raz B, J Boog and Lil' Fizz of B2K) must create and perfect the most cutting edge moves in order to remain on top. The stakes are raised as friends double-cross each other and true motives are revealed.

The DVD is fully-loaded with special features, including audio commentary from writer/director Christopher B. Stokes and cast members, a cutting-edge multi-angle dance breakdown to analyze all the moves, a making-of documentary, and the music video "Badaboom" by B2K featuring Fabolous.

The DVD of this touching and often side-splitting romantic comedy features fantastic added value on the DVD. Actors and Director’s commentary, blooper reel, plus deleted scenes, featurettes and three funky music videos are all included on the DVD.

You Got Served - Competition
You Got Served - Competition


Release Date 25 th October 2004


Rental/ Retail VHS and DVD


(C)2003 Screen Gems Pictures. All Rights Reserved.






Musical Drama

Running Time

91 min


  • Marques Houston (Sister Sister-TV Series)
  • Hit R&B Band B2K - Raz B, Lil Fizz, Omarion and J-Boog
  • International R&B star Lil Kim


  • Chris Stokes

DVD Features

  • Audio/Video Dance Commentary
  • Director and Cast Commentary
  • Battle of the Beat - Featurette
  • B2K music video 'Badaboom'
  • Multi Angle Dance Breakdown
  • Making of Featurette

(C)2003 Screen Gems Pictures. All Rights Reserved

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