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Ono 'Still Suffering' After Lennon's Murder

23rd June 2006

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is "still suffering" the loss of the late BEATLE - more than 25 years after he was murdered. Addressing a conference to mark International Widows Day in London today (23JUN06),...

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Mccartney To Preview Beatles Musical

15th June 2006

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is jetting from New York City to Las Vegas, Nevada, today (15JUN06) for a preview of the forthcoming Cirque du Soleil production inspired by THE BEATLES' music. The veteran singer, who turns...

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Leibovitz Joins Disney

9th June 2006

Photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ has given up nude picture-taking and joined forces with corporate giants Walt Disney to try and relive her childhood. Leibovitz is most famous for music magazine, Rolling Stone's iconic front cover of...

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Signed Beatles Album Bought For Thousands

26th May 2006

A copy of THE BEATLES' 1964 album A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, signed by all four members of the band, has been sold for $41,000 (GBP22,800) at London auction house Christie's. Other items of memorabilia connected...

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Lennon Letters Auctioned

23rd May 2006

Two letters written by JOHN LENNON are to be auctioned in London this week (25MAY06). The letters, sent to the former BEATLE's ex-wife CYNTHIA and his cousin LEILA in 1975 and 1976 are expected to...

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Lohan Dressed To Impress Ono

17th May 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN was so nervous about meeting YOKO ONO after signing up to star in a new film about JOHN LENNON's killer, she deliberately dressed like the 73-year-old to win her over. Lohan, 19, plays...

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Lohan Called On Ono For Support Amid Death Threats

4th May 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN was so worried about death threats she received after signing on to star in a film about JOHN LENNON's killer, she called on the late BEATLE's widow YOKO ONO for help. The MEAN...

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Producer Defends Televised Lennon Seance

24th April 2006

LATEST: The producer behind tonight's (24APR06) controversial televised JOHN LENNON seance has blasted his critics, claiming the dead should be allowed to talk. PAUL SHARRATT first hit the headlines with his pay-per-view special THE SPIRIT...

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Lennon's Sons Poised For New Musical Battle?

18th April 2006

JOHN LENNON's sons JULIAN and SEAN look set to reignite their long-running feud with a new chart battle - after both announcing plans to release albums this year (06). Julian, who was born during the...

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Yoko's Sexy Bed-in With The Beatles

3rd April 2006

THE BEATLES' sound engineer GEOFF EMERICK still chuckles when he recalls the sight of YOKO ONO bedridden at Abbey Road studios - because she wore her sexiest bedroom attire in front of the Fab Four....

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Engineer Reveals The Beatles' Secret Steak Treat

31st March 2006

THE BEATLES had a quirky way of ending the week while they were recording classic album ABBEY ROAD - with a lavish steak dinner. The Fab Four would reward themselves for a week of hard...

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Ono Attacks Lennon Seance

22nd March 2006

LATEST: JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has attacked a pay-per-view TV 'seance' that attempts to contact the late BEATLE from beyond the grave as "tasteless, tacky and exploitative". The controversial new show comes from the...

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Longoria Feels Basketball Fans' Wrath

20th March 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA has felt the wrath of San Antonio Spurs basketball fans, because they fear she will distract her basketball beau TONY PARKER from his game. The actress has joked that some...

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Mediums Attempt To Contact Lennon For Tv Special

17th March 2006

JOHN LENNON's spirit is set to star in a controversial new pay-per-view TV special as top mediums attempt to contact the dead BEATLE from beyond the grave. The producers of THE SPIRIT OF DIANA -...

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Lohan Laughs Off Lennon Loving

10th March 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN has laughed off reports she is romancing SEAN LENNON - insisting she has just been working with the rock offspring on his new music video. The 19-year-old star was spotted in January (06)...

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Yoko And Sean Stage Multi-media Performance

31st January 2006

Japanese artist YOKO ONO and her son SEAN LENNON are teaming up for a one-off multi-media performance in Paris, France. The widow of late BEATLE JOHN LENNON and her 30-year-old son will use art,...

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Yoko Ono Tried To Stop Filming On Her Doorstep

20th January 2006

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is being forced to watch the reenaction of her husband's murder on the doorstep of her New York City home, after failing to ban producers from filming new movie CHAPTER...

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Lennon And Lohan Hang Out

17th January 2006

JOHN LENNON's son SEAN is spending time with singer/actress LINDSAY LOHAN to help her research her forthcoming role in CHAPTER 27 - a movie about his father's 1980 assassination. The unlikely pair have been...

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Yoko Snubs New Lennon Material

13th January 2006

YOKO ONO has refused to co-operate with singer/songwriter BRUCE BIERMAN's plans to release material he composed with her late husband JOHN LENNON. Little-known rocker Bierman struck up a friendship with the IMAGINE star in...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Nilsson In New Documentary

15th December 2005

ROBIN WILLIAMS, RANDY NEWMAN and YOKO ONO are among the celebrities paying tribute to late singer/songwriter HARRY NILSSON in a new documentary. WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (AND WHY IS EVERYBODY TALKIN' ABOUT HIM?) will...

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Japan Marks Lennon Anniversary

8th December 2005

Japan marked the 25th anniversary of JOHN LENNON's death today (08DEC05) by holding a free concert at a specially built museum. The late BEATLE's Japanese widow YOKO ONO approved the building of the John...

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Beatles Reunion Was In Progress, Says Producer

8th December 2005

THE BEATLES were planning their reunion when JOHN LENNON was murdered, according to the record producer working with the late rocker on the night he was shot. JACK DOUGLAS, who produced Lennon's final album...

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Lennon's Cousin Fumes Over Chapman Tapes

7th December 2005

JOHN LENNON's cousin STANLEY PARKES has slammed British TV network Channel 4 over their controversial decision to broadcast tapes of the rocker's killer MARK DAVID CHAPMAN. Channel 4 will broadcast 15-year-old recordings made by...

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Jagger 'Banned' From Being Lennon's Pal

27th November 2005

SIR MICK JAGGER was banned from socialising with rock contemporary JOHN LENNON, because YOKO ONO insisted he was a "bad influence" on the ex-BEATLE. The ROLLING STONES frontman cemented his friendship with Lennon when...

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Trendy New T-shirts Recall Rock Icons

23rd November 2005

Enterprising Californian designer STEVE COE has created a new line of T-shirts modelled on classic tops worn by the likes of FRANK ZAPPA, SIR MICK JAGGER and JOHN LENNON. The Worn Free T-shirts come...

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Jagger: 'Yoko Cut Me Out'

22nd November 2005

ROLLING STONES frontman SIR MICK JAGGER is convinced YOKO ONO banned her late husband JOHN LENNON from seeing his rocker friends because she deemed them a "bad influence". The BROWN SUGAR singer enjoyed partying...

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Ono: 'Chapman Tapes Are Macabre'

21st November 2005

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has attacked US broadcaster NBC for choosing to mark the 25th anniversary of her late husband's murder with the broadcasting of an interview with his killer. Chilling recordings...

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Ono Secretly Buys Lennon Lyrics?

18th November 2005

Avant garde artist YOKO ONO reportedly bought the handwritten lyrics to her late husband JOHN LENNON's classic 1969 anthem GIVE PEACE A CHANCE for $427,000 (GBP250,000) at auction last night (17NOV05). The legendary lyrics,...

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Lennon Blamed Mccartney For Beatles Break Up

18th November 2005

JOHN LENNON blamed SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's hatred of his wife YOKO ONO for the break up of THE BEATLES, according to a previously unheard interview with the IMAGINE star recorded in 1970. In the...

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Ono Praises Sweet Gallagher

11th November 2005

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO thinks OASIS star LIAM GALLAGHER's devotion to her late husband's legacy is "sweet". Ono, who was married to THE BEATLES legend for 11 years before he was assassinated in...

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