The winner of nine prizes at the Israeli Academy Awards and a hit in its home country, this is the story of a family that appears to define the term dysfunctional. A mother who is more than a little distracted strives hard to fulfill her parental duties, caring for four children who are a study in rebelliousness, escapism, and anger. Their torment and misery stretches patience to the point of annoyance until its source is finally revealed, at which point our sympathies are ignited.

Dafna (Orly Silbersatz Banai) can't quite catch up to her debts despite meeting all the demands of her job as a midwife in a local hospital, but she manages to provide the bare needs of her two boys and two girls. 17-year-old Maya (Maya Maron) is a singer-writer who might be on the cusp of discovery as a rock artist were it not for the demands of keeping the family together when Dafna isn't able to. The obligatory compromises lead to disaffection in the relationship and an unnatural sullenness.

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