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Russell Brand Jokes About Geri Halliwell Fling

6th September 2012

Russell Brand promised fans his relationship with Geri Halliwell will provide him with some ''good material''.The British comedian enjoyed a brief fling with the Spice Girl after they both performed at the London Olympics Closing...

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Bb Housemates Enjoy Art Task

8th August 2010

'Big Brother' housemates became part of the Pepper Spray Gang yesterday (07.08.10).Graffiti artist Sam was instructed to teach the rest of the group his skills and they were asked to spray caricatures of one another...

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Cage On The Hunt For Tibetan Apeman

13th November 2004

NICOLAS CAGE is on the hunt for a mythical red-haired apeman who lives in the mountains surrounding Tibet. The eccentric CON AIR star, who boasts he is fascinated by modern myths, saw the...

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