When I left the theater, an angry woman was berating her boyfriend for dragging her to another one of those films, to which I assume she meant a pompous French soap opera. Furthermore, she didn't understand what the title had to do with anything. Seems she didn't read the press release, which the theater was kind enough to dole out. Pola X is a French acronym of the Hermann Melville novel on which this film is based (and shakily updated to modern times): Pierre, Or, the Ambiguities. The X stands for the tenth draft of the screenplay which writer/director Leos Carax completed.

While the title, Pola X, certainly has a nice ring to it, it stands representative of everything Carax's movie is: all flash, pointless trickery, grating snobbery and, ultimately, no more substance than a private joke only one person finds amusing.

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