As Larry Clark turns the struggles of young adults into so much tabloid fodder, Masato Haradi takes on the subject of teenage high school girls that walk on the wild side in Bounce Ko Gals. Using a vérité approach, without cinematic lighting, he places us in the midst of a young and desperate Tokyo. His cast of open faced girls in schoolgirl socks and skirts is expressive and often funny, but never deep or poetic.

The 24-hour time frame gives an easy structure to the story of Lisa (Yukiko Okamoto), who has saved up enough money to move to New York. Taking time off to shoot a micro-budgeted music video, she discovers it's actually a big scam to rip off her savings. Able to save her passport and ticket, she doesn't have any cash to support herself in America. Enter two Bounce Ko Gals, Jonko (Hitomi Sato) and Raku (Yasue Sato), to spend the evening with her on the streets finding men who will pay large sums just to be seen with hot teenage girls.

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