The enemy of the protagonist-lovers in this fateful love story is not their feuding families as in Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, but each other. The instrument of injury isn't a knife but a game. And when the game that was so much fun as children develops into a competition that substitutes for trust and emotional connection, the game wins. Or so director Yann Samuell wants us to believe.

As an eight-year old, Julien (Thibault Verhaeghe) can't accept his mother's (Emmanuelle Gronvold) mortality as cancer steals her life away. It devastates him and his reality when she finally passes and he loses the parent he was closest to and needed most. He focuses his energy away from his heartbreak and, when young Sophie (Josephine Lebas Joly) becomes his playmate, her mischievous imagination leads them both into a world of amusement. That world includes destructive pranks and dirty words in class, each the response to a game of "Dare."

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