Like a lot of romances, the inexplicably titled Hush! finds its footing in a rainstorm. At a Tokyo restaurant, the young and troubled Asako (Kataoka Reiko) discovers her umbrella's been stolen. Stepping in to help, Katsuhiro (Tanaba Seiichi) offers his. He can cuddle under his boyfriend's to get through the downpour, after all. So how should the undrenched maiden express her gratitude? There hangs a dreary tale, ham-fistedly told.

Asako, to put it mildly, has issues. Working a mundane job in a dental office, she lives in a rundown shoebox apartment and is pursued by a shiftless ex-boyfriend whose sexual aggression is close enough to rape to make no difference. With two abortions behind her and her emotional life in a shambles, she arrives at an odd solution to her angst: Have the fellow who loaned her that umbrella father her child. Never mind that he's gay, and that they barely know each other. Their conversation explains it all, or at least tries to:

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